Amaury Delamarre, permanent CNRS researcher in the SUNLIT team

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We are glad announce that Amaury Delamarre became a permanent CNRS researcher in the SUNLIT team on October 1rst, 2019. After a PhD thesis at IRDEP with Laurent Lombez and Jean-François Guillemoles (now IPVF), and a 4-year postdoc position at Sugiyama Lab. (RCAST, The University of Tokyo) in the framework of the Japanese-French Laboratory for Next generation Photovoltaic Cells (LIA NextPV), Amaury joined the SUNLIT team as a postdoc in November 2018.

Amaury was successful in the 2019 CNRS competition and got a permanent position starting in October 2019. He will strengthen the team and our photovoltaics research activities, in close collaboration with several C2N teams within the Photonics and Materials departments, and with the Institut Photovoltaïque d’Ile-de-France (IPVF).