Lectures will begin on Monday morning (9:00) and will end Friday noon (12:00). Two poster sessions will be organized (Monday evening and Wednesday evening), and several tutorials will be proposed.

The program is now available (pdf):

From basic principles to high-efficiency concepts

  • General introduction
  • Overview of technologies
    1. Si
    2. III-V
    3. CIGS/CdTe/CZTS
    4. Perovskites
  • Design of PV devices
    1. Interfaces and heterostructures in Si, CIGS/CdTe, and perovskites solar cells
    2. Photonics
    3. Modeling (tutorial)
  • High efficiency: above Shockley-Queisser
    1. Advanced concepts
    2. Multi-junctions, tandems on Si

Advanced characterization

  • X-ray diffraction and related characterization techniques
    1. XRD, neutron diffraction,…
  • Optical characterization
    1. Luminescence techniques (PL/TRPL)
    2. CL and related techniques (LBIC/EBIC)
    3. Other optical techniques: Raman,…
  • Microscopic and scanning probe techniques
    1. TEM/STEM/EDX, EBSD, XPS/UPS, NanoAuger, atom probe tomography,…
    2. AFM, STM, KPFM
    3. Statistical and combinatorial analysis
  • Device characterization at the cell/module scale
    1. Characterization for modules, in industry
  • Tutorial on characterization