Permanent researchers:
Stéphane Collin
Amaury Delamarre
Jerónimo Buencuerpo (with IPVF)
Andrea Cattoni (with Politechnico di Milano)

Maxime Levillayer (2022-, with IPVF)
Sylvain Finot (2023-, with IPVF)
Aleksandra Bojar (2023-)
Thomas Bidaud (2023-)
Jérémie Schuhmann (2023-, with IPVF)

Naomie Messudom (2022-, with the C2N Material Department)
Oleh Ivashtenko (2023-)
Loukiana Kozlov (2023-, with UMR-IPVF)
Laura de Almeida (2023-, with LAAS, Toulouse)
Yves Bois (2023-, with IPVF and LPICM)

Research engineers (part of time with us):
Stefano Pirotta (C2N, with the PANAM platform and the Material department)
Nathalie Bardou (C2N, PIMENT platform)
Christophe Dupuis (C2N, PIMENT platform)

Past (recent):

Carlos Macias (2020-2023, also with the C2N Material Department and IPVF)
Alexandre Py (Postdoc 2023, with UMR-IPVF)
Raphaël Poulain (Postdoc 2022-2023, with UMR-IPVF and SVI)
Bérengère Frouin (PhD 2019-2023, Postdoc 2023-2024)
Capucine Tong (PhD 2019-2023, also with the C2N Material Department and IPVF – now at Saint-Gobain)
Salim Mejaouri (PhD 2019-2023, with IPVF and EDF – now Research Engineer at EDF)
Amadéo Michaud (Research engineer 2019-2022, IPVF – now Process Engineer at 3SP Technologies)
Olexandr Bilousov (Postdoc 2020-2022, with IPVF – now Process Engineer – Epitaxy at Coherent Corp.)
Daniel Micha (Postdoc 2020-2022, with IPVF – now Research Engineer at Nokia Bell Labs)
Emilie Raoult (PhD 2018-2022, with IPVF and EDF – now at Saint-Gobain)
Phuong-Linh Nguyen (PhD 2019-2022, with IPVF and EDF – now with Porotech, UK)
Maxime Giteau (Postdoc 2021-2022 at C2N, previously PhD 2017-2020 and postdoc 2020-2021 at RCAST/Univ. of Tokyo, Japan, supervised by Prof. Okada, and in collab. with Jean-François Guillemoles, UMR-IPVF – now at ICFO)
Thomas Bidaud (PhD 2017-2021, postdoc Jan. 2021-July 2021 – now at LN2, Univ. of Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada)
Joya Zeitouny (postdoc 2019-2020 – now at Software QA Consultant)
François Chancerel (postdoc 2018-2020, with IPVF – now research engineer at IMEC, Belgium)
Romaric de Lépinau (PhD, 2017-2020, also with the C2N Material Department and IPVF – now at Eco-Adapt)
Louis Gouillart (PhD, 2017-2020, with UMR-IPVF – now with SNCF)
Julie Goffard (postdoc 2014-2019, with IPVF – now engineer at IPVF)
Ahmed Ben Slimane (postdoc 2015-2019, also with the C2N Material Department and IPVF)
Amadéo Michaud (PhD, 2016-2019, in the C2N Material Department and IPVF/Total, with Jean-Christophe Harmand)
Frédéric Banville (2015-2019, PhD at LN2/Univ. of Sherbrooke, Canada, with Paul G. Charette)
Hung-Ling Chen (PhD 2015-2018, postdoc Nov. 2018-Feb. 2019)
Daniel Pelati (2016-2019, PhD in the C2N Material Department)
Andrea Scaccabarozzi (postdoc 2016-2018, also with the C2N Material Department – now research engineer at Politecnico di Milano)
Elisa Bindini (PhD 2014-2018, in collaboration with Sorbonne Université/Collège de France)
Pierre Rale (postdoc, 2016-2017 – now at ADEME)
Jérôme Michallon (postdoc, 2015-2017)
Alexandre Gaucher (postdoc, 2013-2015 – now engineer at LYNRED)
Petru Ghenuche (postdoc, 2009-2012 – now Researcher at Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP), Romania)
Olivier Dalstein (PhD, 2014-2017, in collaboration with Sorbonne Université/Collège de France)
Benoît Behaghel (PhD, 2014-2017, in collaboration with IRDEP and LIA NEXT-PV, RCAST/Univ. of Tokyo)
Clément Tardieu (PhD, 2013-2016)
Juan Manuel Castro (PhD, 2014-2017)
Nicolas Vandamme (PhD, 2012-2015 – now Integration and Prototyping Platform Manager at IPVF)
Inès Massiot (PhD, 2010-2013 – now CNRS researcher at LAAS-CNRS)
Clément Colin (PhD, 2010-2013)