Romaric de Lépinau is a PhD student working on the epitaxy of III-V nanowires on Si substrate and the fabrication of nanowire solar cells.

He graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris (now CentraleSupélec) in 2016 with a double degree in engineering physics with Lund University (Sweden). In 2016, he joined the SUNLIT team to work on ultrathin GaAs solar cells, simulating and fabricating ultrathin nanostructured devices building on the team’s know-how in nanoimprint lithography. Before starting his PhD, he worked for 5 months with PLANTPV (Alameda, California), a startup which successfully developed innovative metallization pastes for silicon solar cells, where, besides contributing to the product development, he was in charge of automating some measurement setups and upgrading the database (Python, Django). Since 2017, he is working towards his PhD at IPVF and C2N, in particular working on the growth of ordered arrays of GaAs nanowires by molecular beam epitaxy on silicon substrates. He studied and developed a fabrication process for nanowire solar cells, and fabricated and characterized several complete devices, with promising electrical and luminescence properties.