Hello, I’m the research engineer at IPVF responsible of the molecular beam epitaxy activities. I also work on developing the technological process for inverted III-V solar cells as we are aiming for cheap III-V/Si tandem solar cells.

I have an engineer degree in materials science from INSA Lyon and a Master in NanoScale Engineering from University of Lyon. Moreover, I had the occasion to learn about silicon PV technologies during my master thesis at IMEC in 2017.

Since 2021, I hold a PhD in physics for my work on the degradation of III-V solar cells under space radiation. This latter work was done in Toulouse within a collaboration between LAAS-CNRS, ONERA and CNES and led to 3 peer-reviewed articles and several conference proceedings.

In addition to my passion for epitaxial growth and clean room processes, I am very much interested in energy and sustainability issues. Let’s keep on lowering the PV cost to quickly replace fossil fuels!