Thomas Bidaud is a PhD student working on the Characterization of PV materials for high efficiency solar cells.

He graduated from Chimie Paristech in 2017, with a master’s degree in condensed matter physics of nanomaterials from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC). He worked on the fabrication and the characterization of III-V solar cells for concentrated PV for his master’s thesis in NextPV laboratory (University of Tokyo). During 6 months, he worked on the development of the fabrication of ultrathin GaAs coupled with an innovative microelectronic system.

Since 2017, he is working on the characterization of PV materials using on the cathodoluminescence tool installed at C2N. His research topics are focused on polycrystalline thin-film materials (CdTe, CIGS) and III-V nanowires (GaAs, InGaP).