[CLOSED] PhD position on ultrathin solar cells open at C2N

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A PhD position on new concepts for ultrathin solar cells is open at C2N.

Short summary: Thickness reduction can be a key element in the quest for cheaper and more efficient solar cells. We have developed new strategies to trap light in ultrathin absorber layers. It has led to the fabrication and demonstration of ultrathin GaAs solar cells with a record efficiency of nearly 20%, using 205 nm-thick GaAs and a nanostructured back mirror (Nature Energy 4, 761-767, 2019). The goal of this PhD project is to explore new directions to further improve the efficiency of ultrathin GaAs solar cells, and to apply these concepts to low-cost and large-scale photovoltaics made of CdTe and CIGS. It includes simulation and experimental work, from the conception of devices to their fabrication and advanced characterization. This project will be carried out in close collaboration between C2N (SUNLIT Team) and IPVF, in both C2N and IPVF buildings (close to each other on the Paris-Saclay campus in Palaiseau, France). We also collaborate with renowned international photovoltaics research centers on this topic.

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Contact: stephane.collin at c2n.upsaclay.fr